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Aliens´ Universe, , modelling, 1set


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Material kit with many different creative materials for modeled theme characters with Pearl Clay, Silk Clay® and Foam Clay®. Inspiration and guidance included.
Contents: Pearl Clay®, Silk Clay® and metallic Foam Clay® in several colors. In addition, styrofoam balls, moss-rubber figures, eyes of plastic, pompons, needles, suspension and suspension strings and glue. Preprinted background .
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Not for children under 3 years
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Ideas made from a varient of this product
  • Inspiration: 15191 A wooden Frame decorated with Silk Clay, Pearl Clay and Foam Rubber
  • Inspiration: 15162 Pearl Clay Aliens with Googly Eyes and Pom-poms
  • Inspiration: 15262 Silk Clay and Pearl Clay Planets
  • Inspiration: 15264 A Polystyrene UFO decorated with Foam Clay, Pearl Clay and one half of a transparent Bauble
  • Inspiration: 15263 Foam Clay Aliens with Googly Eyes and Pom-poms
  • Inspiration: 15163 Fabric Animal Keyrings decorated with Pearl Clay