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Textile marker, tip: 2.3+3.6 mm, asstd. colours, 6pcs


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Permanent double quality textile marker with good felt tip. Iron-fixed and then tolerate mild washing at 40 ° C.
Before use, the color supply to the tip is ensured by a few sharp shakes of the ink in the direction of the tip. Pk. with 6 different colours .
tip: 2,3+3,6 mm
CE mark
Not for children under 3 years
Datasheet Warning text
Ideas made from a varient of this product
  • Inspiration: 15680 A Shaun The Sheep drawstring bag decorated with textile markers
  • Inspiration: 15675 Shawn the Sheep memory game decorated with markers
  • Inspiration: 15676 A Shawn the Sheep jigsaw puzzle decorated with markers
  • Inspiration: 15677 Shaun the Sheep stacking blocks decorated with markers
  • Inspiration: 15678 A Shaun the Sheep Frisbee decorated with textile markers
  • Inspiration: 15679 A Shaun the Sheep wacky flyer decorated with textile markers