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Crackle varnish, black, 90ml


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Viscous crackle lacquer - spread the Croco Colour with at least a 2-4 mm thick coat.
Ideas made from a varient of this product
  • Inspiration: 11167 African Masks on a Stick
  • Inspiration: 11244 For the birds in cold weather
  • Inspiration: 11351 Crackling on Terracotta and Polystyrene
  • Inspiration: 11353 Facetten-Lack on a Papier-Mâché Egg
  • Inspiration: 11396 Egg with crackling
  • Inspiration: 11398 A Set of Boxes
  • Inspiration: 11557 Papier-mâché Animals
  • Inspiration: 12265 An Art Canvas with a Crackling Heart
  • Inspiration: 12266 Glass with Crackling
  • Inspiration: 12268 Crackling on Terracotta
  • Inspiration: 13850 Technique School: A crackled Icon on Wood
  • Inspiration: 14515 Decorated wooden Coat Hooks