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Plus Color Craft Paint, colorful, 6x60ml


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High- quality water-based acrylic paint with a high colour pigmentation that provides a good opacity. Dries quickly and leaves a silky matt surface. Suitable for wood, cardboard, plaster, etc..
yellow sun, pumpkin, lime green, turquoise, ultra marine, fuchsia.
Ideas made from this product
  • Inspiration: 1218 The Animal Park
  • Inspiration: 1426 Funny decoration on cardboard articles
  • Inspiration: 10064 Animal Saving Banks
  • Inspiration: 10132 Animal Money Boxes with Plus Color
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  • Inspiration: 12882 Silk Clay on Canvas Panels
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  • Inspiration: 13093 Square Candle Holders with Paint and Graphic Designs
  • Inspiration: 13135 Drawings on wooden Products
  • Inspiration: 13427 Painted hanging Papier-Mâché Animals with wiggle Eyes & Glitter
  • Inspiration: 13431 A Den made from Non Woven Material
  • Inspiration: 13463 A flat wooden decorative Shape painted and decorated with Mosaics
  • Inspiration: 13578 A decorated House for hanging your House Keys
  • Inspiration: 13639 An animal-shaped wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Inspiration: 13640 Fable Figures made from painted Cones
Ideas made from a varient of this product
  • Inspiration: 10101 Back Scratcher & Massage Spider
  • Inspiration: 10135 Personal Gifts you can make yourself
  • Inspiration: 11218 Puffed Up Easter Hanging Decorations
  • Inspiration: 11791 Wooden Items decorated with a Pyrography Tool and Plus Color
  • Inspiration: 12033 Notebooks with Collage
  • Inspiration: 12211 Puffed Up Easter Creatures
  • Inspiration: 12308 A Yo-yo and a Skipping Rope
  • Inspiration: 12439 Foam Clay on Papier-Mâché
  • Inspiration: 12443 Decoupage on Papier-Mâché
  • Inspiration: 12620 A decorated Sign
  • Inspiration: 12752 Papier-Mâché Christmas Decorations with Rhinestones
  • Inspiration: 13122 Wooden Hanging Decorations with brass Wire and wooden Beads
  • Inspiration: 13577 A painted Bird Feeding House, decorated with a Pattern
  • Inspiration: 13630 A painted and varnished wooden Bird
  • Inspiration: 13674 Christmas Shapes made from Clay using Shape Cutters
  • Inspiration: 13647 Painted Cardboard Boxes, decorated with colourful Dots
  • Inspiration: 14068 Painted Papier-Mâché Dinosaurs decorated with Decoupage Paper
  • Inspiration: 14229 An Elf's Door made from Ice Lolly Sticks
  • Inspiration: 14269 Christmas Papier-Mâché hanging Decorations, painted and decorated
  • Inspiration: 14306 A Note Book with a wooden Cover, decorated with branded Words

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