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Posca Marker, line width: 0.7 mm, PC-1M , yellow, extra-fine, 1pc


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Water-based, opaque and permanent marker for both smooth and porous surfaces - eg. glass, metal, textile, plastics, etc. . Extra-fine tip for both writing and drawing.
line width: 0,7 mm, PC-1M
Ideas made from a varient of this product
  • Inspiration: 13542 Doodling on Terracotta Eggs
  • Inspiration: 13926 Christmas Decorations made from Card from a Template
  • Inspiration: 13331 Christmas Figures made from painted Wood Mosaic Shapes
  • Inspiration: 13409 A Card Series with Design Paper, a Filigree Heart & Natural Hemp
  • Inspiration: 13414 A Card Series with a Passepartout Frame made from Design Paper
  • Inspiration: 13416 A Card Series with Rhinestones and a Design Paper Dress
  • Inspiration: 13418 A Card Series with Half-Pearls and a Design Paper Shirt
  • Inspiration: 13504 A Valentine Card with Design Paper and a Heart made from red Card
  • Inspiration: 13505 A Valentine Card with a decorated Plexiglass Heart
  • Inspiration: 13515 A transparent Glass Heart with a Card Decoration underneath
  • Inspiration: 13574 Moustache Jewellery Pendants from decorated Shrink Plastic Sheets
  • Inspiration: 13697 Front Door Garland with a Sign, Bark Decorations and natural Hemp
  • Inspiration: 13788 Blue Table Decorations with a Touch of red
  • Inspiration: 13820 Acrylic Stars, decorated with Felt Snowflakes and Graphics
  • Inspiration: 14229 An Elf's Door made from Ice Lolly Sticks
  • Inspiration: 14284 Card Figures for Halloween, painted and decorated
  • Inspiration: 14352 Wedding Decorations with Rhinestone Heart Stickers
  • Inspiration: 14356 Wedding Decorations with a romantic Satin Ribbon
  • Inspiration: 14355 Satin Hearts on a Wedding Invitation and Wedding Decorations
  • Inspiration: 14477 A Silk Clay 3D Portrait on a painted Coaster

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